10 Things To Do Before Moving Day

Here are a few preparational steps we would like you take before our moving team arrives for the best experience.

1. Start Packing A Week Before Moving Day

Pack as much as possible only leaving a few clothes to wear that week, a single cup and plate and personal hygiene products. We recommend a week before because packing can be a tedious task, so spread it out over a few days.

3. Large Thick Garbage Bags

Purchase a few rolls of jumbo garbage bags for your pre packing. Have at least 10 unused bags available on moving day.

4. Empty Drawers & Refrigerator

Ensure to completely empty all Drawers and refrigerator before we arrive.

5. Avoid Last Minute Calls

Call to secure your moving date as soon as you have one confirmed. if you wait to call last minute most likely you will be disappointed as the date will be secured by someone else.

6. Keys To Your New Home.

Ensure that the keys to your new place are on your person or in your handbag / knapsack that you will be traveling with on moving day.

7. Dresser Mirror

Do not try to remove your dresser glass or mounted TVs, leave it to us.

8. Clothes Baskets

Place clothes baskets in large garbage bags to prevent them from spilling out in the truck.

9. Place Small Bags In Larger Bags

Gather all small bags and place them in 1 or 2 large garbage bags.

10. Leave Refrigerator Un-Plugged

Do not replug your refrigerator until at least 12 hours after moving into your new place.

Your refrigerator gas will need time to settle.

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